49 U.S. Code § 32704 - Service, repair, and replacement

(a) Adjusting Mileage.—A person may service, repair, or replace an odometer of a motor vehicle if the mileage registered by the odometer remains the same as before the service, repair, or replacement. If the mileage cannot remain the same—
the person shall adjust the odometer to read zero; and
the owner of the vehicle or agent of the owner shall attach a written notice to the left door frame of the vehicle specifying the mileage before the service, repair, or replacement and the date of the service, repair, or replacement.
(b) Removing or Altering Notice.—
A person may not, with intent to defraud, remove or alter a notice attached to a motor vehicle as required by this section.

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Oct. 20, 1972, Pub. L. 92–513, § 407, 86 Stat. 962; July 14, 1976, Pub. L. 94–364, § 405, 90 Stat. 983.

In subsection (b), the text of 15:1987(b)(1) is omitted as surplus.

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