49 U.S. Code § 41711. Air carrier management inquiry and cooperation with other authorities

In carrying out this subpart, the Secretary of Transportation may—
inquire into the management of the business of an air carrier and obtain from the air carrier, and a person controlling, controlled by, or under common control with the carrier, information the Secretary decides reasonably is necessary to carry out the inquiry;
confer and hold a joint hearing with a State authority; and
exchange information related to aeronautics with a government of a foreign country through appropriate departments, agencies, and instrumentalities of the United States Government.

Historical and Revision Notes



Source (U.S. Code)

Source (Statutes at Large)


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49 App.:1324(b).

49 App.:1551(b)(1)(E).


49 App.:1324(c)

49 App.:1551(b)(1)(E).

In this section, before clause (1), the words “In carrying out” are substituted for “in connection with any matter arising under this chapter within its jurisdiction” and “in the administration and enforcement of this chapter” in 49 App.:1324(b) and “For the purpose of exercising and performing its powers and duties under this chapter” in 49 App.:1385, and added (as the words relate to 49 App.:1324(c)), for clarity and consistency in this section. In clause (1), the words “full and complete reports and other” are omitted as surplus. In clause (2), the words “State aeronautical agency, or other” are omitted as surplus. The text of 49 App.:1324(b) (words after 3d comma) is omitted as surplus because of 49:322(c)(3). In clause (3), the words “government of a foreign country” are substituted for “foreign governments” for consistency in the revised title and with other titles of the United States Code.