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49 U.S. Code § 44518 - Advanced Materials Center of Excellence

(a) In General.—
The Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration shall continue operation of the Advanced Materials Center of Excellence (referred to in this section as the “Center”) under its structure as in effect on March 1, 2016, which shall focus on applied research and training on the durability and maintainability of advanced materials in transport airframe structures.
(b) Responsibilities.—The Center shall—
promote and facilitate collaboration among academia, the Transportation Division of the Federal Aviation Administration, and the commercial aircraft industry, including manufacturers, commercial air carriers, and suppliers; and
establish goals set to advance technology, improve engineering practices, and facilitate continuing education in relevant areas of study.
(c) Authorization of Appropriations.—
Out of amounts appropriated under section 48102(a), the Administrator may expend not more than $10,000,000 for each of fiscal years 2021 through 2023 to carry out this section. Amounts appropriated under the preceding sentence for each fiscal year shall remain available until expended.

2020—Subsec. (c). Pub. L. 116–260 added subsec. (c).