49 U.S. Code § 5904. State enforcement

(a) General.—A State may enact a law to permit the State or a political subdivision of the State—
to impose a fine or penalty, for a violation of a State highway weight law or regulation by a tractor-trailer combination carrying a loaded container or trailer for which a certification is required by section 5902(b) of this title, against the person tendering the loaded container or trailer to the first carrier if the violation results from the person’s having provided erroneous information in the certification in violation of section 5903(a) of this title; and
to impound the container or trailer until the fine or penalty has been paid by the owner or beneficial owner of the contents of the container or trailer or the person tendering the loaded container or trailer to the first carrier.
(b) Limitation.—
This chapter does not require a person tendering a loaded container or trailer to a first carrier to ensure that the first carrier or any other carrier involved in the intermodal transportation will comply with any State highway weight law or regulation, other than as required by this chapter.

Historical and Revision Notes



Source (U.S. Code)

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In subsection (a)(1), the words “false” and “written” are omitted as surplus and for consistency with section 5903(a) of the revised title.

In subsection (b), the words “does not require” are substituted for “shall not be construed as creating any obligation or responsibility for” to eliminate unnecessary words. The words “State highway weight law or regulation” are substituted for “State statutes or regulations prescribing weight limitations for highway transportation” for consistency with subsection (a) of this section and to eliminate unnecessary words.