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50 U.S. Code § 1807 - Report of electronic surveillance

(a) Annual reportIn April of each year, the Attorney General shall transmit to the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and to the congressional intelligence committees and the Committees on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives and the Senate a report setting forth with respect to the preceding calendar year—
the total number of applications made for orders and extensions of orders approving electronic surveillance under this subchapter;
the total number of such orders and extensions either granted, modified, or denied; and
the total number of subjects targeted by electronic surveillance conducted under an order or emergency authorization under this subchapter, rounded to the nearest 500, including the number of such individuals who are United States persons, reported to the nearest band of 500, starting with 0–499.
(b) Form

Each report under subsection (a) shall be submitted in unclassified form, to the extent consistent with national security. Not later than 7 days after the date on which the Attorney General submits each such report, the Attorney General shall make the report publicly available, or, if the Attorney General determines that the report cannot be made publicly available consistent with national security, the Attorney General may make publicly available an unclassified summary of the report or a redacted version of the report.

Editorial Notes

2018—Pub. L. 115–118 amended section generally. Prior to amendment, section related to report to Administrative Office of the United States Court and to Congress.