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50 U.S. Code § 2093 - Payment of benefits

(a) Annuities stated as annual amounts

Each annuity is stated as an annual amount, 112 of which, rounded to the next lowest dollar, constitutes the monthly rate payable on the first business day of the month after the month or other period for which it has accrued.

(b) Commencement of annuity
(1) Commencement of annuity for participants generally

Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (2), the annuity of a participant who has met the eligibility requirements for an annuity shall commence on the first day of the month after separation from the Agency or after pay ceases and the service and age requirements for title to an annuity are met.

(2) ExceptionsThe annuity of—
a participant involuntarily separated from the Agency;
a participant retiring under section 2051 of this title due to a disability; and
a participant who serves 3 days or less in the month of retirement;
shall commence on the day after separation from the Agency or the day after pay ceases and the service and age or disability requirements for title to annuity are met.
(3) Other annuities

Any other annuity payable from the fund commences on the first day of the month after the occurrence of the event on which payment thereof is based.

(c) Termination of annuityAn annuity payable from the fund shall terminate—
in the case of a retired participant, on the day death or any other terminating event provided by this subchapter occurs; or
in the case of a former spouse or a survivor, on the last day of the month before death or any other terminating event occurs.
(d) Application for survivor annuities

The annuity to a survivor shall become effective as otherwise specified but shall not be paid until the survivor submits an application for such annuity, supported by such proof of eligibility as the Director may require. If such application or proof of eligibility is not submitted during the lifetime of an otherwise eligible individual, no annuity shall be due or payable to the individual’s estate.

(e) Waiver of annuity

An individual entitled to an annuity from the fund may decline to accept all or any part of the annuity by submitting a signed waiver to the Director. The waiver may be revoked in writing at any time. Payment of the annuity waived may not be made for the period during which the waiver is in effect.

(f) Limitations
(1) Application before 115th anniversary

No payment shall be made from the fund unless an application for benefits based on the service of the participant is received by the Director before the 115th anniversary of the participant’s birth.

(2) Application within 30 years

Notwithstanding paragraph (1), after the death of a participant or retired participant, no benefit based on that participant’s service may be paid from the fund unless an application for the benefit is received by the Director within 30 years after the death or other event which gives rise to eligibility for the benefit.

(g) Withholding of State income tax from annuities
(1) Agreements with States

The Director shall, in accordance with this subsection, enter into an agreement with any State within 120 days of a request for agreement from the proper State official. The agreement shall provide that the Director shall withhold State income tax in the case of the monthly annuity of any annuitant who voluntarily requests, in writing, such withholding. The amounts withheld during any calendar quarter shall be held in the Fund [1] and disbursed to the States during the month following that calendar quarter.

(2) Limitation on multiple requests

An annuitant may have in effect at any time only one request for withholding under this subsection, and an annuitant may not have more than two such requests during any one calendar year.

(3) Change in State designation

Subject to paragraph (2), an annuitant may change the State designated by that annuitant for purposes of having withholdings made, and may request that the withholdings be remitted in accordance with such change. An annuitant also may revoke any request of that annuitant for withholding. Any change in the State designated or revocation is effective on the first day of the month after the month in which the request or the revocation is processed by the Director, but in no event later than on the first day of the second month beginning after the day on which such request or revocation is received by the Director.

(4) General provisions

This subsection does not give the consent of the United States to the application of a statute which imposes more burdensome requirements of the United States than on employers generally, or which subjects the United States or any annuitant to a penalty or liability because of this subsection. The Director may not accept pay from a State for services performed in withholding State income taxes from annuities. Any amount erroneously withheld from an annuity and paid to a State by the Director shall be repaid by the State in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Director.

(5) “State” defined

For the purpose of this subsection, the term “State” includes the District of Columbia and any territory or possession of the United States.

[1]  So in original. Probably should not be capitalized.
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A prior section 263 of Pub. L. 88–643, title II, Oct. 13, 1964, 78 Stat. 1052; Pub. L. 97–269, title VI, § 609, Sept. 27, 1982, 96 Stat. 1153; Pub. L. 99–335, title V, § 501(2), June 6, 1986, 100 Stat. 622, related to attachment of moneys and was set out as a note under section 403 of this title prior to the general amendment of Pub. L. 88–643 by section 802 of Pub. L. 102–496.

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