50 U.S. Code § 2545 - Procedures for meeting tritium production requirements

(a) Production of new tritium

The Secretary of Energy shall produce new tritium to meet the requirements of the Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Memorandum at the Tennessee Valley Authority Watts Bar or Sequoyah nuclear power plants consistent with the Secretary’s December 22, 1998, decision document designating the Secretary’s preferred tritium production technology.

(b) Support

To support the method of tritium production set forth in subsection (a), the Secretary shall design and construct a new tritium extraction facility in the H-Area of the Savannah River Site, Aiken, South Carolina.

(c) Design and engineering developmentThe Secretary shall—
complete preliminary design and engineering development of the Accelerator Production of Tritium technology design as a backup source of tritium to the source set forth in subsection (a) and consistent with the Secretary’s December 22, 1998, decision document; and
make available those funds necessary to complete engineering development and demonstration, preliminary design, and detailed design of key elements of the system consistent with the Secretary’s decision document of December 22, 1998.

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