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50 U.S. Code § 2758 - Improvements to cost estimates informing analyses of alternatives

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(a) Requirement for analyses of alternatives

The Administrator shall ensure that any cost estimate used in an analysis of alternatives for a project carried out using funds authorized by a DOE national security authorization is designed to fully satisfy the requirements outlined in the mission needs statement approved at critical decision 0 in the acquisition process, as set forth in Department of Energy Order 413.3B (relating to program management and project management for the acquisition of capital assets) or a successor order.

(b) Use of project engineering and design fundsIn the case of a project the total estimated cost of which exceeds $500,000,000 and that has not reached critical decision 1 in the acquisition process, the Administrator may use funds authorized by a DOE national security authorization for project engineering and design to begin the development of a conceptual design to facilitate the development of a cost estimate for the project during the analysis of alternatives for the project if—
(1) the Administrator
determines that such use of funds would improve the quality of the cost estimate for the project; and
notifies the congressional defense committees of that determination; and
a period of 15 days has elapsed after the date on which such committees receive the notification.