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50 U.S. Code § 3732 - Requirement for on-site managers

(a) On-site manager requirement

Before obligating any Cooperative Threat Reduction funds for a project described in subsection (b), the Secretary of Defense shall appoint one on-site manager for that project. The manager shall be appointed from among employees of the Federal Government.

(b) Projects coveredSubsection (a) applies to a project—
to be located in a state of the former Soviet Union;
which involves dismantlement, destruction, or storage facilities, or construction of a facility; and
with respect to which the total contribution by the Department of Defense is expected to exceed $50,000,000.
(c) Duties of on-site managerThe on-site manager appointed under subsection (a) shall—
develop, in cooperation with representatives from governments of states participating in the project, a list of those steps or activities critical to achieving the disarmament or nonproliferation goals of the project;
establish a schedule for completing those steps or activities;
meet with all participants to seek assurances that those steps or activities are being completed on schedule; and
suspend the participation of the United States in a project when a participant other than the United States fails to complete a scheduled step or activity on time, unless the Secretary of Defense directs the on-site manager to resume the participation of the United States.
(d) Authority to manage more than one project
(1) In general

Subject to paragraph (2), an employee of the Federal Government may serve as on-site manager for more than one project, including projects at different locations.

(2) Limitation

If such an employee serves as on-site manager for more than one project in a fiscal year, the total cost of the projects for that fiscal year may not exceed $150,000,000.

(e) Steps or activitiesSteps or activities referred to in subsection (c)(1) are those steps or activities that, if not completed, will prevent a project from achieving its disarmament or nonproliferation goals, including, at a minimum, the following:
Identification and acquisition of permits (as defined in section 3733 of this title).
Verification that the items, substances, or capabilities to be dismantled, secured, or otherwise modified are available for dismantlement, securing, or modification.
Timely provision of financial, personnel, management, transportation, and other resources.
(f) Notification to Congress

In any case in which the Secretary directs an on-site manager to resume the participation of the United States in a project under subsection (c)(4), the Secretary shall notify the congressional defense committees of such direction by not later than 30 days after the date of such direction.