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  1. § 3321. National Intelligence Reserve Corps
  2. § 3322. Additional education and training requirements
  3. § 3323. Eligibility for incentive awards
  4. § 3324. Prohibition on using journalists as agents or assets
  5. § 3325. Reaffirmation of longstanding prohibition against drug trafficking by employees of the intelligence community
  6. § 3326. Limitation of expenditure of funds appropriated for Department of Defense intelligence programs
  7. § 3327. Limitation on transfer of funds between CIA and Department of Defense; congressional notification required
  8. § 3328. Study or plan of surrender; use of appropriations
  9. § 3329. Intelligence community contracting
  10. § 3330. Reports to the intelligence community on penetrations of networks and information systems of certain contractors
  11. § 3331. Management of intelligence community personnel
  12. § 3332. Guidance and reporting requirement regarding the interactions between the intelligence community and entertainment industry
  13. § 3333. Joint facilities certification
  14. § 3334. Intelligence community public-private talent exchange
  15. § 3334a. Transfer of National Intelligence University to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence
  16. § 3334b. Collection, analysis, and dissemination of workforce data
  17. § 3334c. Assessment of homeland security vulnerabilities associated with certain retired and former personnel of the intelligence community
  18. § 3334d. Cyber protection support for the personnel of the intelligence community in positions highly vulnerable to cyber attack
  19. § 3334e. Enhanced procurement authority to manage supply chain risk
  20. § 3334f. Congressional notification of designation of covered intelligence officer as persona non grata
  21. § 3334g. Reports on intelligence community loan repayment and related programs
  22. § 3334h. Data collection on attrition in intelligence community
  23. § 3334i. Seedling investment in next-generation microelectronics in support of artificial intelligence
  24. § 3334j. Access to certain facilities of United States Government for assessment of anomalous health conditions
  25. § 3334k. Report on protocols for certain intelligence community employees and dependents
  26. § 3334l. Oversight of Defense Intelligence Agency culture
  27. § 3334m. Additional responsibilities of Director of National Intelligence for artificial intelligence policies, standards, and guidance for the intelligence community
  28. § 3334n. Certification relating to information technology and software systems
  29. § 3334o. Requirements and report on workforce needs of intelligence community relating to science, technology, engineering, and math, and related areas
  30. § 3334p. Increased intelligence-related engineering, research, and development capabilities of minority institutions