54 U.S. Code § 100506 - Boundary changes to System units

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(a) Criteria for Evaluation.—The Secretary shall maintain criteria to evaluate any proposed changes to the boundaries of System units, including—
analysis of whether or not an existing boundary provides for the adequate protection and preservation of the natural, historic, cultural, scenic and recreational resources integral to the System unit;
an evaluation of each parcel proposed for addition or deletion to a System unit based on the analysis under paragraph (1); and
an assessment of the impact of potential boundary adjustments taking into consideration the factors in section 100505(c)(3) of this title and the effect of the adjustments on the local communities and surrounding area.
(b) Proposal of Secretary.—In proposing a boundary change to a System unit, the Secretary shall—
consult with affected agencies of State and local governments, surrounding communities, affected landowners, and private national, regional, and local organizations;
apply the criteria developed pursuant to subsection (a) and accompany the proposal with a statement reflecting the results of the application of the criteria; and
include with the proposal an estimate of the cost for acquiring any parcels proposed for acquisition, the basis for the estimate, and a statement on the relative priority for the acquisition of each parcel within the priorities for acquisition of other parcels for the System unit and for the System.
(c) Minor Boundary Changes.—
(1) In general.—When the Secretary determines that to do so will contribute to, and is necessary for, the proper preservation, protection, interpretation, or management of a System unit, the Secretary may, following timely notice in writing to the Committee on Natural Resources of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources of the Senate of the Secretary’s intention to do so, and by publication of a revised boundary map or other description in the Federal Register—
make minor changes to the boundary of the System unit, and amounts appropriated from the Fund shall be available for acquisition of any land, water, and interests in land or water added to the System unit by the boundary change subject to such statutory limitations, if any, on methods of acquisition and appropriations thereof as may be specifically applicable to the System unit; and
(B) acquire by donation, purchase with donated funds, transfer from any other Federal agency, or exchange, land, water, or interests in land or water adjacent to the System unit, except that in exercising the Secretary’s authority under this subparagraph the Secretary—
shall not alienate property administered as part of the System to acquire land by exchange;
shall not acquire property without the consent of the owner; and
may acquire property owned by a State or political subdivision of a State only by donation.
(2) Consultation.—
Prior to making a determination under this subsection, the Secretary shall consult with the governing body of the county, city, town, or other jurisdiction or jurisdictions having primary taxing authority over the land or interest to be acquired as to the impacts of the proposed action.
(3) Action to advance local public awareness.—
The Secretary shall take such steps as the Secretary considers appropriate to advance local public awareness of the proposed action.
(4) Administration of acquisitions.—
Land, water, and interests in land or water acquired in accordance with this subsection shall be administered as part of the System unit to which they are added, subject to the laws and regulations applicable to the System unit.
(5) When authority applies.—For the purposes of paragraph (1)(A), in all cases except the case of technical boundary changes (resulting from such causes as survey error or changed road alignments), the authority of the Secretary under paragraph (1)(A) shall apply only if each of the following conditions is met:
The sum of the total acreage of the land, water, and interests in land or water to be added to the System unit and the total acreage of the land, water, and interests in land or water to be deleted from the System unit is not more than 5 percent of the total Federal acreage authorized to be included in the System unit and is less than 200 acres.
The acquisition, if any, is not a major Federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment, as determined by the Secretary.
The sum of the total appraised value of the land, water, and interests in land or water to be added to the System unit and the total appraised value of the land, water, and interests in land or water to be deleted from the System unit does not exceed $750,000.
The proposed boundary change is not an element of a more comprehensive boundary change proposal.
The proposed boundary has been subject to a public review and comment period.
The Director obtains written consent for the boundary change from all property owners whose land, water, or interests in land or water, or a portion of whose land, water, or interests in land or water, will be added to or deleted from the System unit by the boundary change.
The land abuts other Federal land administered by the Director.
(6) Act of congress required.—
Minor boundary changes involving only deletions of acreage owned by the Federal Government and administered by the Service may be made only by Act of Congress.

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In subsection (a), before paragraph (1), the word “maintain” is substituted for “Within one year after November 28, 1990 . . . develop” to eliminate obsolete words. In paragraph (3), the reference to paragraph (c) in 16 U.S.C. 1a–12 is treated as a reference to 16 U.S.C. 1a–11(c) for clarity.

In subsection (b), before paragraph (1), the words “after November 28, 1990” are omitted as obsolete.

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