54 U.S. Code § 100705. Availability of System units for scientific study

(a) In General.—
The Secretary may solicit, receive, and consider requests from Federal or non-Federal public or private agencies, organizations, individuals, or other entities for the use of any System unit for purposes of scientific study.
(b) Criteria.—A request for use of a System unit under subsection (a) may be approved only if the Secretary determines that the proposed study—
is consistent with applicable laws and Service management policies; and
will be conducted in a manner that poses no threat to the System unit resources or public enjoyment derived from System unit resources.
(c) Fee Waiver.—
The Secretary may waive any System unit admission or recreational use fee in order to facilitate the conduct of scientific study under this section.
(d) Benefit-Sharing Arrangements.—
The Secretary may negotiate for and enter into equitable, efficient benefit-sharing arrangements with the research community and private industry.

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