54 U.S. Code § 101523 - Procedures applicable to transportation plans and projects

(a) During Formulation of Plan.—The Secretary shall, during the formulation of any transportation plan authorized pursuant to section 101521 of this title
give public notice of intention to formulate the plan by publication in the Federal Register and in a newspaper or periodical having general circulation in the vicinity of the affected System unit; and
following the notice, hold a public meeting at a location convenient to the affected System unit.
(b) Prior to Implementation of Project.—Prior to the implementation of any project developed pursuant to the transportation plan formulated pursuant to subsection (a), the Secretary shall—
establish procedures, including public meetings, to give State and local governments and the public adequate notice and an opportunity to comment on the proposed transportation project; and
when the proposed project would involve an expenditure in excess of $100,000 in any fiscal year, submit a detailed report to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources of the Senate and the Committee on Natural Resources of the House of Representatives.
(c) Waiting Period.—
When a report on a project is required under subsection (b)(2), the Secretary may proceed with the implementation of the project only after 60 days (not counting days on which the Senate or House of Representatives has adjourned for more than 3 consecutive days) have elapsed following submission of the report.

Historical and Revision Notes



Source (U.S. Code)

Source (Statutes at Large)


16 U.S.C. 2304.

Pub. L. 95–344, title III, § 304, Aug. 15, 1978, 92 Stat. 479; Pub. L. 103–437, § 6(d)(18), Nov. 2, 1994, 108 Stat. 4584.

In subsection (c), the words “When a report on a project is required under subsection (b)(2)” are added for clarity. The words “implementation of the project” are substituted for “implementation of such plan”, and the words “submission of the report” are substituted for “submission of the plan”, for consistency.

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