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54 U.S. Code § 302503 - Requirements for certification

(a) Approved State Program.—Any local government shall be certified to participate under this section if the applicable State Historic Preservation Officer, and the Secretary, certify that the local government—
enforces appropriate State or local legislation for the designation and protection of historic property;
has established an adequate and qualified historic preservation review commission by State or local legislation;
maintains a system for the survey and inventory of historic property that furthers the purposes of chapter 3023;
provides for adequate public participation in the local historic preservation program, including the process of recommending properties for nomination to the National Register; and
satisfactorily performs the responsibilities delegated to it under this division.
(b) No Approved State Program.—
Where there is no State program approved under sections 302301 and 302302 of this title, a local government may be certified by the Secretary if the Secretary determines that the local government meets the requirements of subsection (a). The Secretary may make grants to the local government certified under this subsection for purposes of this subdivision.

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In subsection (b), the words “State program approved under section 302302 of this title” are substituted for “approved State program” for clarity.