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54 U.S. Code § 312504 - Progress reports by Secretary on surveys and work undertaken as result of surveys

(a) Progress Reports to Funding or Licensing Agency.—
The Secretary shall keep the agency responsible for funding or licensing the project notified at all times of the progress of any survey made under this chapter or of any work undertaken as a result of a survey, in order that there will be as little disruption or delay as possible in the carrying out of the functions of the agency. The survey and recovery programs shall terminate at a time agreed on by the Secretary and the head of the agency unless extended by agreement.
(b) Disposition of Relics and Specimens.—
The Secretary shall consult with any interested Federal and State agencies, educational and scientific organizations, private institutions, and qualified individuals, with a view to determining the ownership of, and the most appropriate repository for, any relics and specimens recovered as a result of any work performed as provided for in this section.
(c) Coordination of Activities.—
The Secretary shall coordinate all Federal survey and recovery activities authorized under this chapter.

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