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6 U.S. Code § 1183 - Over-the-road bus exercises

(a) In general

The Secretary shall establish a program for conducting security exercises for over-the-road bus transportation for the purpose of assessing and improving the capabilities of entities described in subsection (b) to prevent, prepare for, mitigate, respond to, and recover from acts of terrorism.

(b) Covered entitiesEntities to be assessed under the program shall include—
Federal, State, and local agencies and tribal governments;
over-the-road bus operators and over-the-road bus terminal owners and operators;
governmental and nongovernmental emergency response providers and law enforcement agencies; and
any other organization or entity that the Secretary determines appropriate.
(c) RequirementsThe Secretary shall ensure that the program—
consolidates existing security exercises for over-the-road bus operators and terminals administered by the Department and the Department of Transportation, as jointly determined by the Secretary and the Secretary of Transportation, unless the Secretary waives this consolidation requirement, as appropriate;
(2) consists of exercises that are—
scaled and tailored to the needs of the over-the-road bus operators and terminals, including addressing the needs of the elderly and individuals with disabilities;
live, in the case of the most at-risk facilities to a terrorist attack;
coordinated with appropriate officials;
as realistic as practicable and based on current risk assessments, including credible threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences;
inclusive, as appropriate, of over-the-road bus frontline employees; and
consistent with the National Incident Management System, the National Response Plan, the National Infrastructure Protection Plan, the National Preparedness Guidance, the National Preparedness Goal, and other such national initiatives;
(3) provides that exercises described in paragraph (2) will be—
evaluated by the Secretary against clear and consistent performance measures;
assessed by the Secretary to identify best practices, which shall be shared, as appropriate, with operators providing over-the-road bus transportation, nonprofit employee organizations that represent over-the-road bus employees, Federal, State, local, and tribal officials, governmental and nongovernmental emergency response providers, and law enforcement personnel; and
used to develop recommendations, as appropriate, provided to over-the-road bus operators and terminal owners and operators on remedial action to be taken in response to lessons learned;
allows for proper advanced notification of communities and local governments in which exercises are held, as appropriate; and
assists State, local, and tribal governments and over-the-road bus operators and terminal owners and operators in designing, implementing, and evaluating additional exercises that conform to the requirements of paragraph (2).
(d) National Exercise Program

The Secretary shall ensure that the exercise program developed under subsection (c) is consistent with the National Exercise Program established under section 748 of this title.