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6 U.S. Code § 195g - Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems Coordinator

(a) Coordinator
(1) In general

The Secretary shall designate an individual in a Senior Executive Service position (as defined in section 3132 of title 5) of the Department within the Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans as the Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems Coordinator (in this section referred to as the “Coordinator”) and provide appropriate staff to carry out the responsibilities of the Coordinator.

(2) ResponsibilitiesThe Coordinator shall—
oversee and coordinate with relevant Department offices and components, including the Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and the Privacy Office, on the development of guidance and regulations to counter threats associated with unmanned aircraft systems (in this section referred to as “UAS”) as described in section 124n of this title;
promote research and development of counter UAS technologies in coordination within the Science and Technology Directorate;
coordinate with the relevant components and offices of the Department, including the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, to ensure the sharing of information, guidance, and intelligence relating to countering UAS threats, counter UAS threat assessments, and counter UAS technology, including the retention of UAS and counter UAS incidents within the Department;
serve as the Department liaison, in coordination with relevant components and offices of the Department, to the Department of Defense, Federal, State, local, and Tribal law enforcement entities, and the private sector regarding the activities of the Department relating to countering UAS;
maintain the information required under section 124n(g)(3) of this title; and
carry out other related counter UAS authorities and activities under section 124n of this title, as directed by the Secretary.
(b) Coordination with applicable Federal laws

The Coordinator shall, in addition to other assigned duties, coordinate with relevant Department components and offices to ensure testing, evaluation, or deployment of a system used to identify, assess, or defeat a UAS is carried out in accordance with applicable Federal laws.

(c) Coordination with private sector

The Coordinator shall, among other assigned duties, working with the Office of Partnership and Engagement and other relevant Department offices and components, or other Federal agencies, as appropriate, serve as the principal Department official responsible for sharing to the private sector information regarding counter UAS technology, particularly information regarding instances in which counter UAS technology may impact lawful private sector services or systems.