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6 U.S. Code § 591h - Relationship to other Department components and Federal agencies

(a) In general

The authority of the Assistant Secretary under this subchapter shall not affect or diminish the authority or the responsibility of any officer of the Department or any officer of any other Federal agency with respect to the command, control, or direction of the functions, personnel, funds, assets, or liabilities of any component of the Department or any other Federal agency.

(b) Office for Strategy, Policy, and Plans

Not later than one year after December 21, 2018, the Assistant Secretary shall, in coordination with the Under Secretary for Strategy, Policy, and Plans, submit to the appropriate congressional committees a strategy and implementation plan to direct programs within the Office and to integrate those programs with other programs and activities of the Department.

(c) Federal Emergency Management Agency

Nothing in this subchapter or any other provision of law may be construed to affect or reduce the responsibilities of the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the Administrator of the Agency, including the diversion of any asset, function, or mission of the Agency or the Administrator of the Agency.