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6 U.S. Code § 727 - Improvements to information technology systems

(a) Measures to improve information technology systemsThe Administrator, in coordination with the Chief Information Officer of the Department, shall take appropriate measures to update and improve the information technology systems of the Agency, including measures to—
ensure that the multiple information technology systems of the Agency (including the National Emergency Management Information System, the Logistics Information Management System III, and the Automated Deployment Database) are, to the extent practicable, fully compatible and can share and access information, as appropriate, from each other;
ensure technology enhancements reach the headquarters and regional offices of the Agency in a timely fashion, to allow seamless integration;
develop and maintain a testing environment that ensures that all system components are properly and thoroughly tested before their release;
ensure that the information technology systems of the Agency have the capacity to track disaster response personnel, mission assignments task orders, commodities, and supplies used in response to a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster;
make appropriate improvements to the National Emergency Management Information System to address shortcomings in such system on October 4, 2006; and
provide training, manuals, and guidance on information technology systems to personnel, including disaster response personnel, to help ensure employees can properly use information technology systems.
(b) Report

Not later than 270 days after October 4, 2006, the Administrator shall submit to the appropriate committees of Congress a report describing the implementation of this section, including a description of any actions taken, improvements made, and remaining problems and a description of any additional funding needed to make necessary and appropriate improvements to the information technology systems of the Agency.