6 U.S. Code § 985 - Information sharing relating to supply chain security cooperation

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(a) PurposesThe purposes of this section are—
to establish continuing liaison and to provide for supply chain security cooperation between Department and the private sector; and
to provide for regular and timely interchange of information between the private sector and the Department concerning developments and security risks in the supply chain environment.
(b) System

The Secretary shall develop a system to collect from and share appropriate risk information related to the supply chain with the private sector entities determined appropriate by the Secretary.

(c) Consultation

In developing the system under subsection (b), the Secretary shall consult with the Commercial Operations Advisory Committee and a broad range of public and private sector entities likely to utilize the system, including importers, exporters, carriers, customs brokers, and freight forwarders, among other parties.

(d) Independently obtained information

Nothing in this section shall be construed to limit or otherwise affect the ability of a Federal, State, or local government entity, under applicable law, to obtain supply chain security information, including any information lawfully and properly disclosed generally or broadly to the public and to use such information in any manner permitted by law.

(e) Authority to issue warningsThe Secretary may provide advisories, alerts, and warnings to relevant companies, targeted sectors, other governmental entities, or the general public regarding potential risks to the supply chain as appropriate. In issuing a warning, the Secretary shall take appropriate actions to protect from disclosure—
the source of any voluntarily submitted supply chain security information that forms the basis for the warning; and
information that is proprietary, business sensitive, relates specifically to the submitting person or entity, or is otherwise not appropriately in the public domain.