7 U.S. Code § 1639 - Definitions

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In this subchapter:
(1) BioengineeringThe term “bioengineering”, and any similar term, as determined by the Secretary, with respect to a food, refers to a food—
that contains genetic material that has been modified through in vitro recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) techniques; and
for which the modification could not otherwise be obtained through conventional breeding or found in nature.
(2) Food

The term “food” means a food (as defined in section 321 of title 21) that is intended for human consumption.

(3) Secretary

The term “Secretary” means the Secretary of Agriculture.

(Aug. 14, 1946, ch. 966, title II, § 291, as added Pub. L. 114–216, § 1, July 29, 2016, 130 Stat. 834.)

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