U.S. Code § 1738r. “Qualified debt” defined

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As used in sections 1738o, 1738p, and 1738q of this title, the term “qualified debt” means any obligation, or portion of such obligation, of an eligible country to pay for purchases of United States agricultural commodities guaranteed by the Commodity Credit Corporation under export credit guarantee programs authorized pursuant to section 714c(f) of title 15 or section 1707a(b) [1] of this title—
in which the Commodity Credit Corporation obtained a legal right or interest, as a result of assignment or subrogation, not later than September 1, 1992; and
the payment of which obligation has been, not later than September 1, 1992, rescheduled in accordance with principles set forth in an Agreed Minute of the Paris Club.
Such term includes the obligation to pay any interest which was due or accrued not later than September 1, 1992, and unpaid as of the date of a debt sale pursuant to section 1738o of this title or a debt sale, reduction, or cancellation pursuant to section 1738p of this title (as the case may be).
(July 10, 1954, ch. 469, title VI, § 619, as added Pub. L. 102–532, § 2, Oct. 27, 1992, 106 Stat. 3511.)
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Section 1707a of this title, referred to in text, was repealed by Pub. L. 101–624, title XV, § 1574, Nov. 28, 1990, 104 Stat. 3702. See section 5621 et seq. of this title.

[1]  See References in Text note below.