7 U.S. Code § 1981d - Notice of loan service programs

(a) Requirement

The Secretary shall provide notice by certified mail to each borrower who is at least 90 days past due on the payment of principal or interest on a loan made or insured under this chapter.

(b) ContentsThe notice required under subsection (a) shall—
include a summary of all primary loan service programs, preservation loan service programs, debt settlement programs, and appeal procedures, including the eligibility criteria, and terms and conditions of such programs and procedures;
include a summary of the manner in which the borrower may apply, and be considered, for all such programs, except that the Secretary shall not require the borrower to select among such programs or waive any right in order to be considered for any program carried out by the Secretary;
advise the borrower regarding all filing requirements and any deadlines that must be met for requesting loan servicing;
provide any relevant forms, including applicable response forms;
advise the borrower that a copy of regulations is available on request; and
be designed to be readable and understandable by the borrower.
(c) Contained in regulations

All notices required by this section shall be contained in the regulations implementing this chapter.

(d) TimingThe notice described in subsection (b) shall be provided—
at the time an application is made for participation in a loan service program;
on written request of the borrower; and
(3) before the earliest of—
initiating any liquidation;
requesting the conveyance of security property;
accelerating the loan;
repossessing property;
foreclosing on property; or
taking any other collection action.
(e) Consideration of borrowers for loan service programs

The Secretary shall consider a farmer program borrower for all loan service programs if, within 60 days after receipt of the notice required in this section or, in extraordinary circumstances as determined by the applicable State director, after the 60-day period, the borrower requests such consideration in writing. In considering a borrower for loan service programs, the Secretary shall place the highest priority on the preservation of the borrower’s farming operations.

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References in Text

For definition of “this chapter”, referred to in subsecs. (a) and (c), see note set out under section 1921 of this title.


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Effective Date of 1996 Amendment

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Effective Date of 1990 Amendment

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