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7 U.S. Code § 7412 - Definitions

In this subchapter (unless the context otherwise requires):
(1) Agricultural commodityThe term “agricultural commodity” means—
agricultural, horticultural, viticultural, and dairy products;
livestock and the products of livestock;
the products of poultry and bee raising;
the products of forestry;
(E) products, as a class, that are—
produced on a certified organic farm (as defined in section 6502 of this title); and
certified to be sold or labeled as “organic” or “100 percent organic” (as defined in part 205 of title 7, Code of Federal Regulations (or a successor regulation));
other commodities raised or produced on farms, as determined appropriate by the Secretary; and
products processed or manufactured from products specified in the preceding subparagraphs, as determined appropriate by the Secretary.
(2) Board

The term “board” means a board established under an order issued under section 7413 of this title.

(3) Conflict of interest

The term “conflict of interest” means a situation in which a member or employee of a board has a direct or indirect financial interest in a person that performs a service for, or enters into a contract with, a board for anything of economic value.

(4) Department

The term “Department” means the Department of Agriculture.

(5) First handler

The term “first handler” means the first person who buys or takes possession of an agricultural commodity from a producer for marketing. If a producer markets the agricultural commodity directly to consumers, the producer shall be considered to be the first handler with respect to the agricultural commodity produced by the producer.

(6) Importer

The term “importer” means any person who imports an agricultural commodity from outside the United States for sale in the United States as a principal or as an agent, broker, or consignee of any person.

(7) InformationThe term “information” means information and programs that are designed to increase—
efficiency in processing; and
the development of new markets, marketing strategies, increased marketing efficiency, and activities to enhance the image of agricultural commodities on a national or international basis.
(8) Market

The term “market” means to sell or to otherwise dispose of an agricultural commodity in interstate, foreign, or intrastate commerce.

(9) OrderThe term “order” means an order issued by the Secretary under section 7413 of this title that provides for a program of generic promotion, research, and information regarding agricultural commodities designed to—
strengthen the position of agricultural commodity industries in the marketplace;
maintain and expand existing domestic and foreign markets and uses for agricultural commodities;
develop new markets and uses for agricultural commodities; or
assist producers in meeting their conservation objectives.
(10) Person

The term “person” means any individual, group of individuals, partnership, corporation, association, cooperative, or any other legal entity.

(11) Producer

The term “producer” means any person who is engaged in the production and sale of an agricultural commodity in the United States and who owns, or shares the ownership and risk of loss of, the agricultural commodity.

(12) Promotion

The term “promotion” means any action taken by a board under an order, including paid advertising, to present a favorable image of an agricultural commodity to the public to improve the competitive position of the agricultural commodity in the marketplace and to stimulate sales of the agricultural commodity.

(13) Research

The term “research” means any type of test, study, or analysis designed to advance the image, desirability, use, marketability, production, product development, or quality of an agricultural commodity.

(14) Secretary

The term “Secretary” means the Secretary of Agriculture.

(15) State

The term “State” means any of the States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any territory or possession of the United States.

(16) Suspend

The term “suspend” means to issue a rule under section 553 of title 5 to temporarily prevent the operation of an order during a particular period of time specified in the rule.

(17) Terminate

The term “terminate” means to issue a rule under section 553 of title 5 to cancel permanently the operation of an order beginning on a date certain specified in the rule.

(18) United States

The term “United States” means collectively the 50 States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the territories and possessions of the United States.

Editorial Notes

2014—Par. (1)(E) to (G). Pub. L. 113–79 added subpar. (E) and redesignated former subpars. (E) and (F) as (F) and (G), respectively.