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7 U.S. Code § 7811 - Rules of construction

(a) Termination or suspension not an order

The termination or suspension of an order, or a provision of an order, shall not be considered an order under the meaning of this chapter.

(b) RightsThis chapter—
may not be construed to provide for control of production or otherwise limit the right of individual Hass avocado growers, handlers and importers to produce, handle, or import Hass avocados; and
shall be construed to treat all persons producing, handling, and importing Hass avocados fairly and to implement any order in an equitable manner.
(c) Other programs

Nothing in this chapter may be construed to preempt or supersede any other program relating to Hass avocado promotion, research, industry information, and consumer information organized and operated under the laws of the United States or of a State.