Sec. 411. Omitted. 411a. Repealed. 411b. Estimates of apple production. 412 to 414. Transferred or Repealed. 414a. Transfer of nonadministrative funds of Commodity Credit Corporation for classing and grading purposes. 415. Purchase of seeds and plants for distribution. 415–1. Seed distribution. 415a. Omitted. 415b. Wool standards; appropriation of certain funds. 415c. Use of funds for dissemination of information relating to standardization, grading, etc., of wool; charge for grading wool. 415d. Rules and regulations for wool standards; deposit of receipts in the Treasury. 415e. Farm or food products; sale of samples, practical forms, etc. 416. Letting contract for packeting, etc., of seeds, etc., for distribution. 417. Distribution of farmers’ bulletins. 418. Annual report on work of agricultural experiment stations and of college extension work; publication and distribution. 419. Repealed. 420. Power to administer oaths, examine witnesses, or require production of books, etc. 421. Dairying and livestock experiment station, Mandan, North Dakota. 421a. Omitted. 422. Dairying and livestock experiment station, Lewisburg, Tennessee. 422a. Omitted. 423. Cotton; investigation of new uses; cooperation with State and other agencies. 424. Cotton ginning investigations; publication of results; cooperation with Federal and State departments and agencies. 425. Authorization of appropriations for cotton ginning studies. 426. Predatory and other wild animals. 426a. Omitted. 426b. Authorization of expenditures for the eradication and control of predatory and other wild animals. 426c. Control of nuisance mammals and birds and those constituting reservoirs of zoonotic diseases; exception. 426d. Expenditures for cooperative agreements to lease aircraft. 427. Agriculture research; declaration of policy; duties of Secretary of Agriculture; use of existing facilities. 427a to 427h. Repealed. 427i. Agricultural research; authorization of additional appropriations; administrative expenses; availability of special research fund. 427j, 428. Repealed or Omitted. 428a. Acquisition of land; options. 428b. Wheat and feed grains research; regional and national research programs; utilization of services of Federal, State and private agencies; authorization of appropriations. 428c. Rice research. 429. Repealed. 430. Purchase and testing of serums or analogous products; dissemination of test results. 431. Purchase of tags, labels, stamps, and certificates. 432. Purchase of cultures for soil and fertilizer investigations. 433. Domestic raising of fur-bearing animals; classification. 434. Transfer of functions, appropriations, records and property to Secretary of Agriculture. 435. Omitted. 436. Transfer of Army Remount Service to Department of Agriculture; effective date. 437. Administration of transferred property; improvement in horse breeding; acquisition of breeding stock and facilities; fees; cooperation with other organizations. 438. Repealed. 439. Operation of Government-owned alcohol plants; location; transfer of plants. 439a. Powers and duties of Secretary of Agriculture. 439b. Recommendations to Congress for discontinuance of plants. 439c. Construction of additional facilities; acquisition of property; incurment of expenses; rules and regulations. 439d. Assumption of obligations of Reconstruction Finance Corporation covering Muscatine, Iowa, plant. 439e. Authorization of appropriations; availability of other appropriations. 440. Reimbursement of appropriations available for classing or grading agriculture commodities without charge. 441. Repealed. 442. Availability of grain to prevent waterfowl depredations; payment of packaging, transporting, handling, and other charges. 443. Requisition of grain to prevent crop depredation by migratory waterfowl. 444. Reimbursement of packaging and transporting expenses. 445. Authorization of appropriations for mitigating losses caused by waterfowl depredation. 446. Repealed. 447. Requisition of surplus grain; prevention of starvation of resident game birds and other resident wildlife; utilization by State agencies; reimbursement for packaging and transporting. 448. Requisition and use of grain for prevention of starvation of migratory birds; reimbursement for packaging and transporting. 449. Authorization of appropriations for reimbursement of Commodity Credit Corporation. 450. Cooperation with State agencies in administration and enforcement of laws relating to marketing of agricultural products and control or eradication of plant and animal diseases and pests; coordination of administration of Federal and State laws. 450a. Cooperative research projects; agreements with and receipt of funds from State and other agencies. 450b. Cooperation with State and other agencies; expenditures. 450c. Delegation of regulatory functions of Secretary of Agriculture; definitions. 450d. Delegation of regulatory functions to designated employees; status of employees; number; revocation of delegation. 450e. Authority of designated employees; retroactive revocation of delegation. 450f. Delegation of functions under other laws as unaffected. 450g. Authorization of appropriations for cooperative research projects. 450h. Transferred. 450i. Competitive, special, and facilities research grants. 450j. Indemnity payments to dairy farmers and manufacturers of dairy products; milk removed for its residue of chemical or toxic substances; nuclear radiation or fallout contaminants; other legal recourse. 450k. Authorization of appropriations for dairy farmer indemnities. 450l. Expiration of dairy farmer indemnity program.


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