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8 U.S. Code § 1733 - Terrorist lookout committees

(a) Establishment

The Secretary of State shall require a terrorist lookout committee to be maintained within each United States mission to a foreign country.

(b) PurposeThe purpose of each committee established under subsection (a) shall be—
to utilize the cooperative resources of all elements of the United States mission in the country in which the consular post is located to identify known or potential terrorists and to develop information on those individuals;
to ensure that such information is routinely and consistently brought to the attention of appropriate United States officials for use in administering the immigration laws of the United States; and
to ensure that the names of known and suspected terrorists are entered into the appropriate lookout databases.
(c) Composition; chair

The Secretary shall establish rules governing the composition of such committees.

(d) Meetings

Each committee established under subsection (a) shall meet at least monthly to share information pertaining to the committee’s purpose as described in subsection (b)(2).

(e) Periodic reports to the Secretary of State

Each committee established under subsection (a) shall submit monthly reports to the Secretary of State describing the committee’s activities, whether or not information on known or suspected terrorists was developed during the month.

(g) Authorization of appropriations

There are authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary to implement this section.

Editorial Notes

2014—Subsec. (f). Pub. L. 113–235 struck out subsec. (f). Text read as follows: “The Secretary of State shall submit a report on a quarterly basis to the appropriate committees of Congress on the status of the committees established under subsection (a) of this section.”