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CIDs are common interest developments, a type of property development with multiple owners and a governing association. Each owner in CIDs has their own property with rights to the common area. CIDs often are used for both business and residential purposes such as malls and condominiums. Most legal issues involving CIDs arise from restrictions and management by the governing association such as a HOA. Governing associations often have many requirements that an owner must enter into as part of purchasing their property, and the governing association can enforce these restrictions through fines, penalties, and sometimes even eviction. While generally these restrictions will be considered legally enforceable, federal and state laws limit some restrictions in CIDs even if they were agreed to. For example, federal and state laws may require CIDs to allow an individual with disabilities the ability to keep an animal even if the CID rules forbid animals from being on the property. 

[Last updated in February of 2022 by the Wex Definitions Team]