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Telemarketing and Telephonic Anti-solicitation:

Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 159 §§ 19B-19E ("Massachusetts Telemarketing Statutes")

Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 159 § 10 (administrative enforcement of the Massachusetts Telemarketing Statutes by the Department of Telecommunications and Cable)

Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 159 §§ 39-40 (powers of the Massachusetts Attorney General and Department of Telecommunications and Cable vis-a-vis the Massachusetts Telemarketing Statutes)

Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 159C §§ 1 et seq (Massachusetts Do-Not-Call Registry and related provisions), implemented by Massachusetts Regulations (201 CMR 12.00)

Unlawful Trade Practices:

Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 93A (Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act)