Commercial Email and Spam:

In 2002, Minnesota enacted a limited anti-spam law (2002 Minn. Laws, Chapter 395 (S.F. 2908)).  This law prohibits false or misleading commercial email messages, and requires "ADV-ADULT" to be included in the subject line of sexually explicit commercial emails.  See Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 325F (§ 325F.694).

Note: Minnesota's requirement to include "ADV-ADULT" in the subject line of sexually explicit commercial emails is almost certainly preempted by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, which contains its own provisions addressing pornographic commercial emails.  See CAN-SPAM Act of 2003: Preemption; CAN-SPAM Act of 2003: Pornographic Material.

Telemarketing & Telephonic Anti-Solicitation:

Until December 31, 2012, Minnesota maintained a "Do Not Call" list, and prohibited telephone solicitations to persons whose names were registered on the list.  See Minnesota Statutes, §§ 325E.311 - 325E.316 (2011).  However, this law expired on December 31, 2012, pursuant to a 2009 law (2009 Minn. Laws, Chapter 178, art. 1, § 61 (H.F. 1853)).  See Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 325E (§ 325E.3161).

Minnesota law also places significant limitations on the use of automated devices for telemarketing purposes.  See Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 325E (§§ 325E.26 - 325E.31)

Faxes, Texts, and Other Media Anti-Solicitation:

 Minnesota's "Junk Fax Law" prohibits unsolicited advertisements sent via fax machine, unless the sender has established a toll-free number that can be used to "opt out" of further fax advertisements; senders of unsolicited fax advertisements are required to include a statement in the advertisement about the toll-free number and an address that the recipient can use to "opt out" of further fax advertisements.  See Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 325E (§ 325E.395)