judicial proceeding

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A judicial proceeding is any proceeding over which a judge presides. The precise definition of judicial proceeding varies depending on the jurisdiction, and may include quasi-judicial proceedings. For example:

  • The Supreme Court of Rhode Island stated in Francis v. Gallo that in the context of privilege extending to a witness’s testimony made during a judicial proceeding, “judicial proceedings include (1) all proceedings in which an officer or tribunal exercises judicial functions and (2) hearings that are conducted by administrative bodies that make legal determinations.”

  • The Appellate Court of Connecticut stated in Brady v. Bickford that in the context of privileged communications uttered in the course of judicial proceedings, judicial proceedings include “the proceedings of many administrative officers, such as boards and commissions, so far as they have powers of discretion in applying the law to the facts which are regarded as judicial or quasi-judicial, in character.”

[Last updated in June of 2020 by the Wex Definitions Team]