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Post can have many meanings in a legal context:

1) To place a notice prominently. For example, a Department of Labor regulation, 29 CFR § 825.300, requires covered employers to “to post and keep posted on its premises, in conspicuous places where employees are employed, a notice explaining the [Fair Labor Standards Act’s] provisions and providing information concerning the procedures for filing complaints of violations of the Act with the Wage and Hour Division.”

2) To mail.

3) To record a payment on a particular date. For example, when a creditor card holder pays a credit card bill, their next statement will show that the date payment was "posted to your account."

(4) To make a bail payment. For example, New York Criminal Procedure Law § 520.15 and § 520.20 describes the process of “posting of cash bail” and “posting of bail bond.”

(5) Latin for “after [in time].” For example, see post hoc, or post mortem

[Last updated in December of 2020 by the Wex Definitions Team]