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As a verb, to protest means to publicly express dissatisfaction or objection towards an action, or to assert something firmly and emphatically, especially in response to doubt or accusation

As a noun, a protest is a public remonstrance or demonstration (usually expressing dissent) centered around an act or policy of a governing body, such as sending troops overseas, use of the death penalty, or any other regulation or law. Generally, by expressing objection to a political idea or act through protest, protesters aim to influence public opinion and/or government policy. A protest constitutes an instance of civil resistance, or nonviolent resistance, when it is part of a larger systematic and peaceful nonviolent campaign aimed at achieving a specific objective by use of pressure and persuasion.

A protest is also the legal procedure by which a taxpayer disputes their property tax rate, the assessed evaluation of property for tax purposes, or an import duty. An objection to the payment of an import duty must include a distinct and clear specification of each substantive ground of objection to the payment of the duty

A protest may also be: 

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