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A transcript of a court record is the verbatim, official or certified record of all proceedings that transpired in the trial court. The transcript must also be taken by a court reporter

Generally, a transcript is used in its customary meaning as a written, verbatim record, and may include a bill of exceptions in proper form and certified.

A trial transcript may be used for appeal, impeachment, jury argument, for process server for service of subpoenas, or for jury service. If a plaintiff decides to appeal their claim, the plaintiff must file, among other things, a transcript before the clerk or deputy clerk of the appellate court within the statute of limitations

In criminal law, the perfect plea transcript is one which reflects voluntary, informed, and articulated waiver of privilege against self-incrimination, right to trial by jury, and right to confront one’s accusers per the Fifth and Sixth Amendments. With respect to internal revenue, certified transcripts are computer printout reports of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) file for a taxpayer, signed and certified by the IRS.

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