oai4courts layer two element descriptions

This page is an index of overview documents that describe, non-technically, different classes of element found in Layer 2 of the oai4courts caselaw metadata standard.  They provide descriptions of the different logical entities described by the oai4courts Layer 2 elements, as well as pointers to each.

Note that these are intended for use in caselaw metadata (as opposed to caselaw markup), but some of the thinking involved applies to both.

Element classes

Overview descriptions exist for:

  • [[wiki/lexcraft/layer_two_overview_decisions_and_writings|Decisions and writings]]
  • [[wiki/lexcraft/layer_two_overview_people|People]]
    • Parties and their roles
    • Advocates and their roles
    • Judges and their roles, particularly as regards authorship
  • [[wiki/lexcraft/layer_two_overview_dates|Dates]]
    • Types of dates
  • [[wiki/lexcraft/layer_two_overview_courts|Courts]]
    • Court names and abbreviations
    • Describing court context in the judicial system
      • Geographic jurisdiction
      • Subject-matter jurisdiction
      • Relationships with other courts