oai4courts layer two overview: Dates

[[ NB: if you're looking for systems to use in marking up dates in judicial opinions, you might take a look at 

Dates are a surprisingly complicated topic, with many subtleties and variations.  That is because almost any milestone in the process of hearing the case and carrying out its resolution can have a date associated with it, as can any of the documents generated along the way.  Every case will have a date of decision.  Most appellate cases will have an argument or hearing date.  Beyond that the varieties are practically infinite:

  • filing dates of many kinds, indicating when briefs, motions, and other relevant documents were submitted
  • posting dates, indicating the date on which the case was published
  • a variety of effective dates establishing (eg.) deadlines for remedies to be carried out
  • signature dates, indicating the date a decision was signed, and possibly the same as the date of decision or one of the effective dates mentioned above.