civil procedure

Amount in Controversy   (Wex page)
Arbaugh v. Y & H Corp.   (LIIBULLETIN preview)
Burden of allegation   (Wex page)
Compulsory Counterclaim   (Wex page)
Day v. Crosby   (LIIBULLETIN preview)
Day v. Crosby (04-1324)   (LIIBULLETIN preview (pre-2014))
Dietz v. Bouldin   (LIIBULLETIN preview)
Dietz v. Bouldin (15-458)   (LIIBULLETIN preview)
Lightfoot v. Cendant Mortgage Corp.   (LIIBULLETIN preview)
Permissive counterclaim   (Wex page)
Petition for certiorari   (Wex page)
Philippines v. Pimentel (06-1204)   (LIIBULLETIN preview (pre-2014))
Rule 45. Subpoena   (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure)
Rule 56. Summary Judgment   (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure)
Rule 58. Entering Judgment   (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure)
Shapiro v. McManus (14-990)   (LIIBULLETIN preview)
Substantial evidence   (Wex page)
Supplemental Pleadings   (Wex page)
Trial on the merits   (Wex page)
Unitherm Food Systems v. Swift Eckrich (04-597)   (LIIBULLETIN preview (pre-2014))
Whitman v. Department of Transportation (04-1131)   (LIIBULLETIN preview (pre-2014))
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