1 CFR § 603.8 - Employee conduct.

§ 603.8 Employee conduct.

(a) Employees with duties requiring access to and handling of Records shall, at all times, take care to protect the integrity, security, and confidentiality of the Records.

(b) No employee of the NCPC shall disclose Records unless disclosure is permitted by § 603.10(b), by part 602 of this chapter, or disclosed to the Individual to whom the Record pertains.

(c) No employee of the NCPC shall alter or destroy a Record unless such Record or destruction is undertaken in the course of the employee's regular duties or such alteration or destruction is allowed pursuant to regulations published by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) or required by a court of competent jurisdiction. Records shall not be destroyed or disposed of while they are the subject of a pending request, appeal or lawsuit under the Privacy Act.