10 CFR 1021.210 - DOE decisionmaking.

§ 1021.210 DOE decisionmaking.

(a) For each DOE proposal, DOE shall coordinate its NEPA review with its decisionmaking. Sections 1021.211 through 1021.214 of this part specify how DOE will coordinate its NEPA review with decision points for certain types of proposals ( 40 CFR 1505.1(b)).

(b) DOE shall complete its NEPA review for each DOE proposal before making a decision on the proposal (e.g., normally in advance of, and for use in reaching, a decision to proceed with detailed design), except as provided in 40 CFR 1506.1 and §§ 1021.211 and 1021.216 of this part.

(c) During the decisionmaking process for each DOE proposal, DOE shall consider the relevant NEPA documents, public and agency comments (if any) on those documents, and DOE responses to those comments, as part of its consideration of the proposal ( 40 CFR 1505.1(d)) and shall include such documents, comments, and responses as part of the administrative record ( 40 CFR 1505.1(c)).

(d) If an EIS or EA is prepared for a DOE proposal, DOE shall consider the alternatives analyzed in that EIS or EA before rendering a decision on that proposal; the decision on the proposal shall be within the range of alternatives analyzed in the EA or EIS ( 40 CFR 1505.1(e)).

(e) When DOE uses a broad decision (such as one on a policy or program) as a basis for a subsequent narrower decision (such as one on a project or other site-specific proposal), DOE may use tiering ( 40 CFR 1502.20) and incorporation of material by reference ( 40 CFR 1502.21) in the NEPA review for the subsequent narrower proposal.

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