10 CFR 1021.200 - DOE planning.

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§ 1021.200 DOE planning.

(a) DOE shall provide for adequate and timely NEPA review of DOE proposals, including those for programs, policies, projects, regulations, orders, or legislation, in accordance with 40 CFR 1501.2 and this section. In its planning for each proposal, DOE shall include adequate time and funding for proper NEPA review and for preparation of anticipated NEPA documents.

(b) DOE shall begin its NEPA review as soon as possible after the time that DOE proposes an action or is presented with a proposal.

(c) DOE shall determine the level of NEPA review required for a proposal in accordance with § 1021.300 and subpart D of this part.

(d) During the development and consideration of a DOE proposal, DOE shall review any relevant planning and decisionmaking documents, whether prepared by DOE or another agency, to determine if the proposal or any of its alternatives are considered in a prior NEPA document. If so, DOE shall consider adopting the existing document, or any pertinent part thereof, in accordance with 40 CFR 1506.3.