10 CFR § 1044.11 - How do you protect the information that you want to disclose?

§ 1044.11 How do you protect the information that you want to disclose?

To protect classified information and unclassified controlled nuclear information you plan to disclose, you must:

(a) Only disclose the information to personnel who possess the appropriate clearance and need-to-know for the information disclosed as required in 10 CFR part 710, after verifying any special authorizations or accesses, such as Sensitive Compartmented Information, Special Access Program, and Weapon Data information;

(b) Use only equipment (such as computers or typewriters) that is approved for classified processing for the generation of classified documents;

(c) Mark documents as required by 10 CFR part 1045 (classified information), 10 CFR Part 1017 (unclassified controlled nuclear information), or as required by the Office of Classification.

(d) Use only approved copiers to reproduce documents;

(e) Store classified documents in facilities approved by the U.S. Government for the storage of classified material;

(f) Use only approved destruction devices to destroy classified documents;

(g) Use only appropriate secure means, such as secure facsimile or secure telephone, to provide classified information orally or electronically when transmitting or communicating that information (e.g. the applicable classified mailing address); and

(h) Follow any additional specific instructions from the Office of Health, Safety and Security on how to protect the information.

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