10 CFR § 205.3 - Appearance before the DOE or a State Office.

§ 205.3 Appearance before the DOE or a State Office.

(a) A person may make an appearance, including personal appearances in the discretion of the DOE, and participate in any proceeding described in this part on his own behalf or by a duly authorized representative. Any application, appeal, petition, request or complaint filed by a duly authorized representative shall contain a statement by such person certifying that he is a duly authorized representative, unless a DOE form requires otherwise. Falsification of such certification will subject such person to the sanctions stated in 18 U.S.C. 1001 (1970).

(b) Suspension and disqualification: The DOE or a State Office may deny, temporarily or permanently, the privilege of participating in proceedings, including oral presentation, to any individual who is found by the DOE -

(1) To have made false or misleading statements, either verbally or in writing;

(2) To have filed false or materially altered documents, affidavits or other writings;

(3) To lack the specific authority to represent the person seeking a DOE or State Office action; or

(4) To have engaged in or to be engaged in contumacious conduct that substantially disrupts a proceeding.

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