10 CFR § 4.3 - Application of this part.

§ 4.3 Application of this part.

This part applies to any program for which Federal financial assistance is authorized under a law administered by NRC. The types of Federal financial assistance to which this part applies are listed in appendix A of this part; appendix A may be revised from time to time by notice published in the Federal Register. This part applies to money paid, property transferred, or other Federal assistance extended, by way of grant, entitlement, cooperative agreement, loan, contract, or other agreement by NRC, or an authorized contractor or subcontractor of NRC, the terms of which require compliance with this part. If any statutes implemented by this part are otherwise applicable, the failure to list a type of Federal financial assistance in appendix A does not mean a program or activity is not covered by this part. This part does not apply to—

(a) Contracts of insurance or guaranty; or

(b) Procurement contracts; or

(c) Employment practices under any program or activity except as provided in §§ 4.13, 4.122 and 4.302.

[52 FR 25358, July 7, 1987, as amended at 68 FR 51344, Aug. 26, 2003]