10 CFR § 429.55 - Incandescent reflector lamps.

§ 429.55 Incandescent reflector lamps.
Note 1 to § 429.55:

Prior to February 17, 2023, certification reports must be submitted as required either in this section or 10 CFR 429.27 as it appears in the 10 CFR parts 200 through 499 edition revised as of January 1, 2022. On or after February 17, 2023, certification reports must be submitted as required in this section.

(a) Determination of Represented Value. Each manufacturer must determine represented values, which include the certified ratings, for each basic model, in accordance with the following sampling provisions.

(1) Units to be tested.

(i) When testing, use a sample comprised of production units. The same sample of units must be tested and used as the basis for representations for initial lumen output, rated wattage, lamp efficacy, color rendering index (CRI), correlated color temperature (CCT), and lifetime.

(ii) For each basic model, randomly select and test a sample of sufficient size, but not less than 10 units, to ensure that represented values of average lamp efficacy, CRI and initial lumen output are less than or equal to the lower of:

(A) The arithmetic mean of the sample; or,

(B) The lower 95 percent confidence limit (LCL) of the true mean divided by .97, where:

(2) Any represented values of measures of energy efficiency or energy consumption for all individual models represented by a given basic model must be the same.

(3) Represented values of CCT and rated wattage must be equal to the arithmetic mean of the sample.

(4) Represented values of lifetime must be equal to or less than the median time to failure of the sample (calculated as the arithmetic mean of the time to failure of the two middle sample units (or the value of the middle sample unit if there are an odd number of units) when the measured values are sorted in value order).

(5) Calculate represented values of life (in years) by dividing the represented lifetime of these lamps as determined in paragraph (a)(4) of this section by the estimated daily operating hours as specified in 16 CFR 305.23(b)(3)(iii) multiplied by 365.

(6) Represented values of the estimated annual energy cost, expressed in dollars per year, must be the product of the rated wattage in kilowatts, an electricity cost rate as specified in 16 CFR 305.23(b)(1)(ii), and an estimated average daily use as specified in 16 CFR 305.23(b)(1)(ii) multiplied by 365.

(b) Certification reports.

(1) The requirements of § 429.12 apply to incandescent reflector lamps; and

(2) Pursuant to § 429.12(b)(13), a certification report shall include the following public product-specific information: The testing laboratory's ILAC accreditation body's identification number or other approved identification assigned by the ILAC accreditation body, average lamp efficacy in lumens per watt (lm/W), rated wattage in watts (W), rated voltage (V), diameter in inches, and CRI.

(c) Rounding Requirements.

(1) Round rated wattage to the nearest tenth of a watt.

(2) Round initial lumen output to three significant digits.

(3) Round average lamp efficacy to the nearest tenth of a lumen per watt.

(4) Round CCT to the nearest 100 kelvin (K).

(5) Round CRI to the nearest whole number.

(6) Round lifetime to the nearest whole hour.

(7) Round life (in years) to the nearest tenth.

(8) Round annual energy cost to the nearest cent.

[87 FR 53638, Aug. 31, 2022]