10 CFR § 440.14 - State plans.

§ 440.14 State plans.

(a) Before submitting to DOE an application, a State must provide at least 10 days notice of a hearing to inform prospective subgrantees, and must conduct one or more public hearings to receive comments on a proposed State plan. The notice for the hearing must specify that copies of the plan are available and state how the public may obtain them. The State must prepare a transcript of the hearings and accept written submission of views and data for the record.

(b) The proposed State plan must:

(1) Identify and describe proposed weatherization projects, including a statement of proposed subgrantees and the amount of funding each will receive;

(2) Address the other items contained in paragraph (c) of this section; and

(3) Be made available throughout the State prior to the hearing.

(c) After the hearing, the State must prepare a final State plan that identifies and describes:

(1) The production schedule for the State indicating projected expenditures and the number of dwelling units, including previously weatherized units which are expected to be weatherized annually during the program year;

(2) The climatic conditions within the State;

(3) The type of weatherization work to be done;

(4) An estimate of the amount of energy to be conserved;

(5) Each area to be served by a weatherization project within the State, and must include for each area:

(i) The tentative allocation;

(ii) The number of dwelling units expected to be weatherized during the program year; and

(iii) Sources of labor.

(6) How the State plan is to be implemented, including:

(i) An analysis of the existence and effectiveness of any weatherization project being carried out by a subgrantee;

(ii) An explanation of the method used to select each area served by a weatherization project;

(iii) The extent to which priority will be given to the weatherization of single-family or other high energy-consuming dwelling units;

(iv) The amount of non-Federal resources to be applied to the program;

(v) The amount of Federal resources, other than DOE weatherization grant funds, to be applied to the program;

(vi) The amount of weatherization grant funds allocated to the State under this part;

(vii) The expected average cost per dwelling to be weatherized, taking into account the total number of dwellings to be weatherized and the total amount of funds, Federal and non-Federal, expected to be applied to the program;

(viii) The average amount of the DOE funds specified in § 440.18(c)(1) through (9) to be applied to any dwelling unit;

(ix) [Reserved]

(x) The procedures used by the State for providing additional administrative funds to qualified subgrantees as specified in § 440.18(d);

(xi) Procedures for determining the most cost-effective measures in a dwelling unit;

(xii) The definition of “low-income” which the State has chosen for determining eligibility for use statewide in accordance with § 440.22(a);

(xiii) The definition of “children” which the State has chosen consistent with § 440.3; and

(xiv) The amount of Federal funds and how they will be used to increase the amount of weatherization assistance that the State obtains from non-Federal sources, including private sources, and the expected leveraging effect to be accomplished.

[65 FR 77217, Dec. 8, 2000, as amended at 66 FR 58366, Nov. 21, 2001]