10 CFR § 54.37 - Additional records and recordkeeping requirements.

§ 54.37 Additional records and recordkeeping requirements.

(a) The licensee shall retain in an auditable and retrievable form for the term of the renewed operating license or renewed combined license all information and documentation required by, or otherwise necessary to document compliance with, the provisions of this part.

(b) After the renewed license is issued, the FSAR update required by 10 CFR 50.71(e) must include any systems, structures, and components newly identified that would have been subject to an aging management review or evaluation of time-limited aging analyses in accordance with § 54.21. This FSAR update must describe how the effects of aging will be managed such that the intended function(s) in § 54.4(b) will be effectively maintained during the period of extended operation.

[60 FR 22491, May 8, 1995, as amended at 72 FR 49560, Aug. 28, 2007]