10 CFR § 600.25 - Suspension and termination.

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§ 600.25 Suspension and termination.

(a) Suspension and termination for cause. DOE may suspend or terminate an award for cause on the basis of:

(1) A noncompliance determination under § 600.24, § 600.122(n), § 600.162(a), § 600.243(a) or § 600.352(a); or

(2) A suspension or debarment of the awardee under 2 CFR 180 and 901.

(b) Notification requirements. Except as provided in § 600.24, § 600.162(a), § 600.243(a), or § 600.352(a) before suspending or terminating an award for cause, DOE shall mail to the awardee (by certified mail, return receipt requested) a separate written notice in addition to that required by § 600.24(a) at least ten days prior to the effective date of the suspension or termination. Such notice shall include, as appropriate:

(1) The factual and legal bases for the suspension or termination;

(2) The effective date or dates of the DOE action;

(3) If the action does not apply to the entire award, a description of the activities affected by the action;

(4) Instructions concerning which costs shall be allowable during the period of suspension, or instructions concerning allowable termination costs, including in either case, instructions concerning any subgrants or contracts;

(5) Instructions concerning required final reports and other closeout actions for terminated awards (see §§ 600.170 through 600.173, §§ 600.250 through 600.252 and §§ 600.350 through 600.353;

(6) A statement of the awardee's right to appeal a termination for cause pursuant to § 600.22; and

(7) The dated signature of a DOE Contracting Officer.

(c) Suspension.

(1) Unless DOE and the awardee agree otherwise, no period of suspension shall exceed 90 days.

(2) DOE may cancel the suspension at any time, up to and including the date of expiration of the period of suspension, if the awardee takes satisfactory corrective action before the expiration date of the suspension or gives DOE satisfactory evidence that such corrective action will be taken.

(3) If the suspension has not been cancelled by the expiration date of the period of suspension, the awardee shall resume the suspended activities or project unless, prior to the expiration date, DOE notifies the awardee in writing that the period of suspension shall be extended consistent with paragraph (c)(1) of this section or that the award shall be terminated.

(4) As of the effective date of the suspension, DOE shall withhold further payments and shall allow new obligations incurred by the awardee during the period of suspension only if such costs were authorized in the notice of suspension or in a subsequent letter.

(5) If the suspension is cancelled or expires and the award is not terminated, DOE shall reimburse the awardee for any authorized allowable costs incurred during the suspension and, if necessary, may amend the award to extend the period of performance.

(d) Termination by mutual agreement. In addition to any situation where a termination for cause pursuant to §§ 600.24, 600.160 through 600.162 §§ 600.243 through 600.244 or §§ 600.350 through 600.353 is appropriate, either DOE or the awardee may initiate a termination of an award (or portion thereof) as described in this paragraph. If the awardee initiates a termination, the awardee must notify DOE in writing and specify the awardee's reasons for requesting the termination, the proposed effective date of the termination, and, in the case of a partial termination, a description of the activities to be terminated, and an appropriate budget revision. DOE shall terminate an award or portion thereof under this paragraph only if both parties agree to the termination and the conditions under which it shall occur. If DOE determines that the remaining activities under a partially terminated award would not accomplish the purpose for which the award was originally awarded, DOE may terminate the entire award.

(e) Effect of termination. The awardee shall incur no new obligations after the effective date of the termination of an award (or portion thereof), and shall cancel as many outstanding obligations as possible. DOE shall allow full credit to the awardee for the DOE share of noncancellable obligations properly incurred by the awardee prior to the effective date of the termination.

(f) Subgrants. Awardees shall follow the policies and procedures in this section and in §§ 600.24, 600.160 through 600.162 §§ 600.243 through 600.244 or §§ 600.350 through 600.353 for suspending and terminating subgrants.

[61 FR 7166, Feb. 26, 1996, as amended at 74 FR 44277, Aug. 28, 2009]