11 CFR § 104.2 - Forms.

§ 104.2 Forms.

(a) Each report filed by a political committee under 11 CFR part 104 shall be filed on the appropriate FEC form as set forth below at 11 CFR 104.2(e).

(b) Forms may be obtained from the Federal Election Commission at https://www.fec.gov/help-candidates-and-committees/forms/.

(c) A committee may reproduce FEC forms for its own use provided they are not reduced in size.

(d) With prior approval of the Commission a committee may use, for reporting purposes, computer produced schedules of itemized receipts and disbursements provided they are reduced to the size of FEC forms. The committee shall submit a sample of the proposed format with its request for approval.

(e) The following forms shall be used by the indicated type of reporting committee:

(1) Presidential committees. The authorized committees of a candidate for President or Vice President shall file on FEC Form 3-P.

(2) Congressional candidate committees. The authorized committees of a candidate for the Senate or the House of Representatives shall file on FEC Form 3.

(3) Political Committees Other than Authorized Committees. Political committees other than authorized committees shall file reports on FEC Form 3-X.

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