11 CFR § 300.1 - Scope and effective date, and organization.

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§ 300.1 Scope and effective date, and organization.

(a) Introduction. This part implements changes to the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, as amended (“FECA” or the “Act”), enacted by Title I of the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002 (“BCRA”). Public Law 107-155. Unless expressly stated to the contrary, nothing in this part alters the definitions, restrictions, liabilities, and obligations imposed by sections 30101 to 30145 of Title 52, United States Code, or regulations prescribed thereunder (11 CFR parts 100 to 116).

(b) Effective dates.

(1) Except as otherwise specifically provided in this part, this part shall take effect on November 6, 2002. However, subpart B of this part shall not apply with respect to runoff elections, recounts, or election contests resulting from elections held prior to such date.

(2) The increase in individual contribution limits to State committees of political parties, as described in 11 CFR 110.1(c)(5), shall apply to contributions made on or after January 1, 2003.

(c) Organization of part. Part 300, which generally addresses non-Federal funds and closely related topics, is organized into five subparts. Each subpart is oriented to the perspective of a category of persons facing issues related to non-Federal funds.

(1) Subpart A of this part prescribes rules pertaining to national party committees, including general non-Federal funds prohibitions, fundraising, and donation prohibitions with regard to certain tax-exempt organizations, and reporting.

(2) Subpart B of this part pertains to State, district, and local political party committees and organizations. Subpart B of this part focuses on “Levin Amendment” to BCRA; office buildings; and fundraising and donation prohibitions with regard to certain tax-exempt organizations.

(3) Subpart C of this part addresses non-Federal funds from the perspective of tax-exempt organizations, setting out rules about prohibited fundraising for certain tax-exempt organizations by national party committees, State, district, and local party committees, and Federal candidates and officeholders.

(4) Subpart D of this part includes regulations pertaining to soliciting non-Federal funds from the perspective of Federal candidates and officeholders in Federal and non-Federal elections; including exceptions for those who are also State candidates and exemptions for those attending, speaking, and appearing as featured guests at fundraising events, or who solicit for certain tax-exempt organizations.

(5) Subpart E of this part focuses on State and local candidates, including regulations about using Federal funds for certain public communications, and exceptions for entirely non-Federal communications.

(6) For rules pertaining to convention and host committees, see 11 CFR part 9008.

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