12 CFR § 1240.202 - Definitions.

§ 1240.202 Definitions.

(a) Terms set forth in § 1240.2 and used in this subpart have the definitions assigned in § 1240.2.

(b) For the purposes of this subpart, the following terms are defined as follows:

Backtesting means the comparison of an Enterprise's internal estimates with actual outcomes during a sample period not used in model development. For purposes of this subpart, backtesting is one form of out-of-sample testing.

Covered position means, any asset that has more than de minimis spread risk (other than any intangible asset, such as any servicing asset), including:

(i) Any NPL, RPL, reverse mortgage loan, or other mortgage exposure that, in any case, does not secure an MBS guaranteed by the Enterprise;

(ii) Any MBS guaranteed by an Enterprise, MBS guaranteed by Ginnie Mae, reverse mortgage security, PLS, commercial MBS, CRT exposure, or other securitization exposure, regardless of whether the position is held by the Enterprise for the purpose of short-term resale or with the intent of benefiting from actual or expected short-term price movements, or to lock in arbitrage profits; and

(iii) Any other trading asset or trading liability (whether on- or off-balance sheet). 1

1 Securities subject to repurchase and lending agreements are included as if they are still owned by the Enterprise.

Market risk means the risk of loss on a position that could result from movements in market prices, including spread risk.

Private label security (PLS) means any MBS that is collateralized by a pool or pools of single-family mortgage exposures and that is not guaranteed by an Enterprise or by Ginnie Mae.

Reverse mortgage means a mortgage loan secured by a residential property in which a homeowner relinquishes equity in their home in exchange for regular payments.

Reverse mortgage security means a security collateralized by reverse mortgages.

Spread risk means the risk of loss on a position that could result from a change in the bid or offer price of such position relative to a risk free or funding benchmark, including when due to a change in perceptions of performance or liquidity of the position.